In the famous and beloved Brasserie Van Dam you experience the pleasant atmosphere of a Paris brasserie and the hospitality of the family Van Dam itself. The name has become a household name in Amsterdam and even throughout the Netherlands. Dishes like country bread with egg truffle salad, shared platters and our Côte de Boeuf from the Green Egg are prepared for you with passion, quality and creativity.

You are welcome for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. 

Van Dam catering

Van Dam catering is keen to let you be a guest at your own party. We closely follow the trends and always try to provide just that little extra that you did not expect. Courage, passion and quality are our main aims and this is reflected in our offer; from street food to high-end dinners at one of our fixed locations or elsewhere in the Netherlands, nothing is too crazy.

Brasserie Van Dam

Cornelis Schuytstraat 8

contact: 020 670 6570